1% For Coral Restoration Foundation™

“Since 2007, we have now planted more than 100,000 critically endangered staghorn and elkhorn corals back onto the Florida Reef Tract. Many of these corals have now grown into thriving colonies with the ability to spawn, kick-starting the reefs' natural process of recovery.” - CRF™

A Self-Reflection

I finally noticed that my plastic usage was rather absurd and my friends plastic usage for that matter as well. I never paid attention to it until one day I opened the door to my car and 20 water bottles fell out of my car, now probably 90% of it was from my friends, but still, it blew my mind that as a human race we have consumed ourselves in plastic.

The Start of Our Journey

As Hülya grows I plan to grow myself. As I become a more sustainable person I plan to share with you how I plan to do that. It is important to remember that change and growth take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day.